May 12, 2007

I haven’t posted in a while.  I have simply been too busy….living.  Living simply but also simply living.  A lot has gone on in the last few weeks. 

First, after battling many mild to moderate, seemingly unconnected symptoms (of what we never could figure out) for years, some since my early 20’s and others appeared while pregnant with my son, I think I may have an answer.  I recently visited an Immunologist during a lymphatic reaction to a vaccine booster and have now been diagnosed with an “autoimmune disorder” which basically means, yeah, something is wrong but we don’t know what the hell it could be so we will say your immune system has gone nuts for no reason (hmmm, toxins in the air, the water, our food – yeah, no reason….)  No name, but there it is.   I personally think it is a long standing food allergy that has wreaked havoc on my body…. with that theory under my belt, I have gone off wheat (gluten) and dairy and I am finding to be a bit easier than I originally thought.   But only time will tell if my hunch is correct.   But hey, if the upside is that I eat really well (lots of lean meats, veg and fruits) and get plenty of rest, while avoiding medication – I can’t see a down side.

I have also been working on the outline for a book and reading everything I can get my hands on both fiction and useful books on writing.  Yes, I am one of those thousands of people with an unfinished novel in my desk drawer.   But who knows, maybe someday I will finish it and you will see my name in print (if anyone thinks it is at all interesting).

Finally, my family is preparing for a trip to the coast.  I love water, anything to do with water.  I need it to replenish my soul so I am, in particular, looking forward to this vacation.  I am also looking forward to two days in the car with my beloved fellas….I think I may be the only wife and mother in history to say that….but only in the car do we get uninterrupted time together.  Sometimes we read, listen to music or play our own games but mostly we talk.  I think it is one of my favorite parts of a driving vacation. 

All of this means that, you may not hear from me for a while but I won’t be gone for long.  I will be back with more thoughts, essays, and tips on living simply in the world.