Live Active, Live Simply

October 12, 2007

We all know American’s don’t move enough.  We enjoy a very sendentary life, with little movement outside of rolling the mouse or clicking the remote control.  So what is a simple person to do if you don’t head to the gym (not simple) for a workout?  Get out of the house and move, preferably with someone else for company.  Activity together can strengthen family relationships and boost friendships while providing your body with much needed exercise. 

One of our favorite family past times is leashing up the big, simple life dog and heading out on our bikes.  The dog loves this because she gets a great workout and we get to walk the dog without the boring walk. Caution: do not try this at home with a dog smaller than a small horse, doglets may not have the stamina for bike/running. The Simple Living Dog is a German Shepherd and needs a LOT of exercise.

Hiking is another great activity, especially now that summer is over and fall is settling in around the country.  This simple family is not particularly fond of organized exercise as in walk 30 minutes a day….boring….. but throw in a few forested areas, a great trail, our big, simple life dog, and the hint of buried treasure a la letterboxing or fantastic nature finds and this family will spend a day hoofing it through the woods. 

One of my dearest friends walks with me and big dog every Sunday.  We have solved most of our problems and a few of the world’s problems over those two mile dog hikes.  We get exercise, we have companionship, we enjoy the outdoors, our dogs get a fabulous walk with lots of cool doggy smells and we are building our friendship – there is no gym in the world that can offer those kinds of benefits.

Grab a pal and get out of the house for fun and fitness.


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