A difficult path

August 26, 2007

Moving has been on my mind lately.  Our close friends and neighbors have sold their house and have bought a beautiful house in a new neighborhood.  I am happy for them.  Their new house is beautiful.  In fact, their house is so beautiful that I am fighting the urge to buy one for myself.

Living simply is not easy.  Even those with the best intentions find ourselves, sometimes, caught in the subconscious competitive urge to have more and better.  I am having that problem today.

I know we won’t move.  I cannot justify buying a house that costs nearly double the one I own.  But still.  The urge is there. 

I think it is time to think my needs – do I have enough to meet my needs?  The answer is yes.  Do I have enough to meet a few wants?  Absolutely.  Then I have enough.


One Response to “A difficult path”

  1. Meari Says:

    I sooooo know how you feel! One of my brothers just bought a HUGE $300K+ home, then my other bought a $200K+ home. Me, I’m buying a $70K home that needs fixing up. When I knew I was getting it, my niece said: Is it BIG and expensive? I said, “Nope. I don’t want to have to clean a big house, or pay for one” Both my brothers will be in large debt for the rest of their lives with these homes. I refuse to live that way. Like you, I have *enough*

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