June 22, 2007

I am going to give Netflix some free advertising but also admonish it to do more and be better.  We like movies.  We like watching movies.  In fact, our one weakness is electronic gadgets that make the movie watching experience at home phenominal.  Thanks to Netflix and their vast selection of titles, we rarely see movies in a theater any longer.  We enjoy them at home and we are lessening the global impact of consumption, waste and simplifying our lives.  However, Netflix could do more.

What I like, I select the movies over the internet and they come to me through my mailman.  In the past, we would see a movie in the theater and then if we absolutely loved it, we would buy it.  We don’t have to buy it now, we can get it from Netflix any time we like.   Since the mailman is coming to my mailbox anyway, we are lessening our impact on the earth by not making a trip to the store or the movie store, saving gas and most importantly, saving time.  I like any company that will use minimal packaging and turn my mailbox into a movie store.  No more late fees, no more deadlines, no more driving to the movie store.  No more expense. 

I like that Netflix doesn’t just have movies, they carry television series’ and exercise videos.  In the past, I would see an exercise video in the store, buy it and try it out only to have it languish in my cabinet because I got bored with it.  Now I can get one from Netflix and send it back for another when I get bored doing the same old thing. 

How is that for simplicity?  No excess clutter from unused tapes, no more buying videos to find out you hate the program, no more driving to the video store, taking time to pick out a video, driving home. 

What can Netflix do better?  Follow Amazon’s example of downloading movies to your dvr saving resources in mailers and the production of dvds.   Lets keep going to find cheap, simple and green alternatives to either buying or renting movies.


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