Earth Day

April 22, 2007

Today is Earth Day.   Do something to protect this beautiful rock we call home.


A quick list of the things you can do to help: 

1. Change all incandescent bulbs to florescent bulbs.  Reduce emissions from coal generated power plants by reducing the amount of electricity you use.

2. Park your car and walk, carpool, or bike.

3. Plant a garden for the wildlife that has been displaced by development.

4. Reduce the flow in your toilet by adding a gallon jug of water to the tank.

5. Go solar.

6. Buy hybrid – reduce vehicle emissions.

7. Telecommute and drive less.

8. Reduce your footprint.

9.  Buy recycled products – recycling doesn’t help if you don’t purchase the end product.

10. Use organic lawn products to protect your health and the earth by reducing the amount of toxins released into the underground water systems.

11. Reduce your lawn and replace with native plants, saves water, eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilizers and saves time.


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