Activities for the simple family

April 5, 2007

We are a family attempting to live simply,  live deliberately, and live consciously.  This doesn’t mean we spend all of our time trapped inside our home without anything to do.  We seek out activities that can draw us together and give us opportunities to enjoy each other’s presence without daily interruptions.

Some activities we enjoy as a simple living family.

1.  Letterboxing.  This is a low tech version of the popular geocaching phenomenon.  People hide boxes in various places and post clues on the web.  Anyone can grab a compass, a stamp, a map and the clues and go on their own unique treasure hunt.  This is a favorite fall and winter activity for my family when it is comfortable enough outside to spend the day hiking through the woods.  For more information, visit the Letterboxing website.

2. State parks.  Many states offer a state park pass for an annual fee.  We spend many summer days at the lake picnicking, cooking out, camping, hiking, canoeing, etc. etc. etc.  

3.  Create a garden.  If you don’t have land, container garden.  Create a little wildlife refuge for butterflies and then record what visits your new garden.  For more information visit the National Wildlife Federation’s backyard habitat program.

4.  If you have a beach nearby, spend days at the beach.  If you don’t, go on a nature walk and collect treasures you find along the way or record what you see in a nature journal (homemade of course).  We have gotten my Mother-in-law involved in this and now any time we visit, she suggests we take the boy for a walk and bring a bag to collect interesting nature finds.   This gives my Mother-in-law and me time to catch up, gives her a few uninterrupted hours spent with the boy (one of her 2 grandchildren) and we get exercise.   


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