It’s the simple things in life

March 25, 2007

Today was a good day.  Even though we had iffy weather – clouds looming and storms threatening – we headed out for a few hours at the lake about an hour northwest of our home.  The lake is part of our wonderful state park system and includes playgrounds, hiking trails, picnic and camping areas, lake swimming, canoeing and for the brave among us and I don’t include myself in that, cliff jumping (when the weather is nicer and much warmer).

We took the dogs and my sister’s canoe – along with my sister and niece.  We grilled burgers and put together a lunch from things we each had in our collective kitchens.  The kids enjoyed the first bit of swimming for 2007 – how many kids get to swim just after the vernal equinox?   We all took turns taking the canoe around the lake.   We brought the dogs (we are dog sitting so we have two today) who enjoyed the fresh air, the walks along the shoreline and the new smells.  It was lovely seeing the lake so peaceful before the full blast of summer hits and the lake becomes crowded. 

Every year we purchase a state park pass for $75 and get returns on our money as we enjoy the multitudes of state parks in our area.  The park pass allows everyone in the vehicle to enter the park for no charge, when the normal rate would be $5 per person.  With just us three, the state park pass pays for itself after 5 visits.  In the past 6 months of having the pass, we have visited the parks 8 times.  We will go another 10 more before it expires in August.  That is a savings of $195!

Today was a good reminder that sometimes, the best things in life are as simple as a peaceful day by the water with a child and a good dog. 


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