March 24, 2007

He who knows he has enough is rich – Lao Tzu, Taoist Proverb.  

 Today is my neighborhood’s collective garage sale.  It is one day where everyone can set out their goods, earn a little money and see them find new homes.  I love this day.  A day when I can get next to new items for a fraction of their price and a day when I can make sure something useful doesn’t end up in the landfill.  So off I went to visit homes on my block.  I found excellent deals – a set of wood bookshelves for $10.  Some games for a few dollars each.  Beautiful purses a fraction of their original price and in excellent condition.

As I found each item, I had to think “what would I do with this?”.  I really wanted those bookshelves but I couldn’t find an actual need.  We had just installed bookshelves in our front sitting room.  We put the shelves from the old playroom converted into a guest room into our son’s room.  My home office has a set  of shelves for my professional needs.  I have enough. 

It was hard passing up those deals but the truth is, I didn’t need anything and I came home empty handed.   In a few minutes I will put the $20 I did not spend into a card to send to the nurse at my doctor’s office who just sustained 4th degree burns on her hand and is recovering in the burn hospital.  

Even consuming used goods when you don’t need them is over consumption and a waste of money.  I am pleased I was able to resist the temptation of a good deal.  Now I am going to go play with my son while this garage sale day passes.   


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