Goals & Simple Living

February 24, 2007

Even though simple living frees up a great deal of time, there remain things that must be accomplished. I find it easier to live simply by having clear plans and end goals.   By mapping out my goals and plans for achieving the goals, I find that I don’t waste time going in circles or putting off something that needs to be done.

Below are several goals I want to achieve:  

Dining out – Finally break the habit.  My family eats out way too often.  It is one of our only vices but one that I prefer to do without.  Restaurant food is notoriously overpriced, low in nutrition and high in calories in fat, leading to that ever expanding waistline and ever shrinking wallet.  

Spring Cleaning – I rarely do a deep cleaning during the year, often forgetting the baseboards or leaving the cobwebs to grow around lights enough to cast interesting shadows on the walls in the evening.  In 2007 I want to begin a monthly regimen of deep cleaning one room.  This will break up the overwhelming jobs like cleaning 2000 square feet of baseboards into more manageable bites and each room should take no more than an hour to complete. 

My March plans to reach these goals are:

Create a very detailed calendar that includes dining out.  We used and discarded many types of calendar systems in the past.  After a few months trial, my husband and I find the plain old Microsoft Outlook calendar the most useful because we send each other calendar updates by “inviting attendees” and set alarms to remind us of planned events.   This calendar usually includes our son’s baseball practices, our work meetings and deadlines, school deadlines, dinner out nights, date nights, and any other assorted items we need to remember but never seem to make it to the calendar on the wall. 

Create a detailed menu for the month including healthy snack items for the infinitely hungry group of boys that make up our son’s friends, lunches and dinners, meals for the dog that can be made one day a month and frozen, and quick healthy breakfast items that can be grabbed in a pinch.

Deep clean the front room including washing windows, inside and out.  Clean and touch up paint on baseboards and walls. 

The next time you begin to feel overwhelmed with any project, want to break a habit or instill a new habit; establish a set of goals and map a clear plan for victory.   You will find your life much simpler and relaxed. 


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