Do I feel deprived?

January 29, 2007

This is one of the biggest questions we get asked as participants in voluntary simplicity.  Do I feel deprived?  Lets face it, we like our stuff.  We are used to it. It brings comfort when we are lonely.  It gives us something to talk about with friends.  Americans definitely view shopping as an entitlement activity.   

We have been working toward a more simple life for four years.  I have never felt deprived.  Being simple, living simple lives is about choices.  I can choose to spend money on an item but usually, when I think hard about it, I realize that I really didn’t want the item. I, like most Americans, enjoy the rush of shopping, making purchases and seeing something beautiful in my home.  I still have those things.  I just do it much more conscientiously now.  

By choosing the simple path, you are controlling your money, your time, your resources and not the other way around.   I make choices.  I decide what amount of my life I am willing to give up to pay for anything I purchase.   We have decided that clothes or things in our home are not worth that life time.  We have decided that cultural activities, growing experiences and travel are worth the life time it takes to pay for them. 

You do not have to live a deprived life to live simple, just a conscious one. 


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