What does this mean?

January 22, 2007

We recently endured a freak ice storm that stranded us in the house for several days.  I say freak because in our little corner of the world the weather, except summer, is moderate with few days ever falling below freezing. 

Like any good southerner not accustomed to inclimate weather, the entire city stocked up on provisions to get them through the 72 hour lock in which meant buying enough groceries to last at least a month.   Half way through our freeze, my husband and I venture out to the local grocery for some supplies. As we wandered through the store, we noticed a disturbing trend.  The soda isle was bare and nearly empty, as was the chip and snack isle.  The rest of the store was relatively well stocked even though all deliveries had been delayed until after the storm was over.

What does this say?  

If you were anticipating a weather emergency, what supplies would you make sure to have on hand?

I find it ironic that we are obsessed with finding reasons why our nation possesses the ever expanding waistline and why the generation up and coming will likely not live as long as their parents……


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